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Looking for free Christian drama skits for your event? Check out this powerful Christian mime and skit to the song “Healer!” It’s a perfect Christian drama for youth camps, conferences and events as well.
Free Christian Drama Skit to the song “Healer” 
by Ten Shekel Shirt

This one of many powerful free Christian drama skits. It was originally performed at Shelley’s church, The Catalyst in Findlay Ohio. Inspired by Max Lucado’s story, “Give it all to Jesus,” Shelley personalized it to parallel her story. You can change and edit it to fit your event or use it as it is. You might even find another song that works better for your event.

Watch a video of Shelley performing the Christian mime here:


Healer Script
Shelley’s Free Christian Drama Skits | Christian Mime

Start with the instrumental song “Need” by David Delgado playing in the background.

You can download this song free here:

A girl is sitting reading a book with a garbage bag in hand. There are boxes with different labels sitting around the stage and a big garbage can on one side of the stage. Flowers are laying on one side of stage.

Woman: A woman enters talking on the phone obviously distressed over some bad news. She taps the girl on the shoulder, gives the phone to the girl and picks up a box labeled fear. She shows it to the audience and then puts the box in her garbage bag.

Girl: When the girl receives the phone, she shakes her head and falls to her knees mouthing “NO, NO.” She then drops the phone and puts her head in the hands crying.

Woman: The woman puts her arm around the girl to try to console her, gives her a hug and then walks out.

Girl: The girl walks over and picks up the boxes labeled anger and unforgiveness. She shows the boxes to the audience and puts them in her bag.

Man: While she is doing this, a man walks down the far aisle looking at her curiously. He walks over and picks up the box labeled lust. He shows the box to the audience and then puts it in his garbage bag. He sees some flowers and picks them up.

Girl & Man: When the girl stands up and is met by the man who is beckoning her with his finger, he is telling her to “come.” He holds flowers behind his back in one hand and his garbage bag in the other. She slowly comes toward him and takes the flowers. She smiles and smells them, pleased that he is paying attention to her. She begins dancing with him, he twirls her around and then he pushes her and she falls down. He looks at her with disgust and leaves.

Girl: She picks up the box labeled shame shows it to the audience and then puts it in her garbage bag. Now, she is very obviously weighed down. Tired.

Jesus: This is when Jesus walks in. He stands to the side with one hand out inviting her to come. The verse Matthew 11:28 will come on the screen (Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest) as the instrumental song ends and the Healer song begins. You can find this on ITunes.

Girl & Jesus: During the first verse the girl decides to bring her trash bag to Jesus and surrender it to Him. She kneels down before Him. She struggles but puts her boxes one by one at his feet as well as her bag.

He comes down on one knee and takes her bag looking compassionately on her. About this time, the verse I Peter 2:24 will appear on the screen. (He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.)

Girl: After this point, she starts a dance of worship and joy from a life transformed and changed.

Jesus: As she does this, Jesus takes her bags and places them in a big garbage can and closes the lid.

Girl & Jesus: At the end she and Jesus walk out of the room down the center aisle showing her continuing to walk with God…with her trash left behind in the garbage can.

As the song winds down, have someone come up to start their closing comments. During this time, the instrumental song can play again. Possibly have a blank box and use that to ask, “What are you carrying around?” and encourage them to bring it to Jesus, the Healer.

Download the PDF script here

Here are the images I created 
for this Christian mime:
heavy and burdened


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