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Media Talk 101 is one of our most popular presentations.  It focuses on media discernment in the light of following Christ in our culture.

A half century ago, as modern media at that time became more integrated into the average home, some Christians had a tendency to become legalistic (creating lists of do’s and don’ts) about movies, television, and music in their attempt to be holy and separate from the world.  It was a worthy goal but not necessarily the right approach.

In the modern church there has been a pendulum swing in the opposite direction which has resulted in widespread compromise and spiritual lethargy.  The subject of holiness often gets muddled in legalism and the subject of grace often gets muddled in compromise.

Jesus taught them both and neither legalism nor compromise are excuses to abandon the truth.  The Media Talk 101 seminar approaches the subject of media with an emphasis on following Jesus and gaining wisdom from His example, the instruction of Scripture and the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

Media Talk 101: 

Live, is a PowerPoint presentation which is geared to be interesting and hopefully convicting.  The goal is to be inspiring rather than an attempt to thoroughly cover the subject.  The presentation can be given in a single setting or else broken up into two or more sessions with breaks in between.  The length of the seminar depends on how many sessions and any time constraints that would need to be considered.  The following is a brief summary of some of the topics covered.


Media Talk 101 Preview (14 min)

Confessions of a TV addict
The speaker shares a short testimony about their personal struggles with making wise media choices and why it is important to talk about the subject of media.

What’s the problem?
Media can be one of the biggest roadblocks in our pursuit of God because our lives have been saturated with wrong ideas about life.  There is a conflict between what Jesus teaches about real life and what much of media teaches about life.  There are six main themes in media that oppose God’s message to us.

1. Immoral sexuality, pornography and immodesty
2. Violence, hate and anger
3. Drug and alcohol abuse
4. Despair, hopelessness and suicide
5. Greed and discontentment
6. The marketing of family conflict and rebellion

Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise?
What is a conviction anyway? and what is compromise?

10 Principles and Convictions…

…to help guide us safely past the spiritual roadblocks of popular media.

#1 Garbage in = Garbage out

The Bible tells us that if you “sow to the flesh” you will “reap corruption” but if you “sow to the spirit” you will “reap eternal life” Unfortunately there are many people who are feeding the flesh through entertainment and consequently the flesh gets stronger. In the meantime they are denying the spirit and suffering from spiritual weakness.

It’s not just entertainment

Today’s media has a huge impact on the way our generation thinks about life, about relationships, about God and much more. Every form of media is preaching about something and even though many sit in church for a few hours a week learning about God, they often spend up to half of their lives listening to the “sermons” of the world through music, movies, websites, magazines, tv, video games and various other forms of media.

#2 We have been desensitized and need to be resensitized

It is common to hear “but it doesn’t affect me” as if it were some badge of honor for being able to tolerate things that God has plainly called sin. Our body has a physical nervous system that does many things including the producing of pain. If you began to lose feeling in your physical body there would be cause for alarm.

Likewise God gave us a conscience that is supposed to be “affected” when something is not right. Unfortunately there are so many who have desensitized consciences that no longer feel the pain. The Bible says that we have to train our “senses” to discern good and evil.

#3 The Battle is not against Hollywood

#4 It’s about wisdom, not just rules

#5 If I belong to Christ then I am called to conform to Him

#6 Don’t fall victim to the counterfeit life (identifying 6 counterfeits)

#7 If you’re going the wrong direction then change directions

#8 There is power in unplugging

#9 Sometimes spiritual growth requires desperate measures

#10 Follow the example of Jesus


 Outline of a Basic Presentation 
101 Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise?   What is a conviction anyway?  What is compromise?
oneway What’s the Goal?
 The goal is a growing relationship with Jesus not legalistic rules. The Bible says to “run the race with endurance, fixing our eyes on Jesus.”
stop What’s the Problem?
The Bible says to “lay aside the weight and sin which so easily ensnares.” Today’s entertainment can be one of those snares.
consumptionzone Media Consumption
We live in an all-you-can-eat media buffet culture that continues to consume vast amounts of entertainment.
medialiteracy Media Literacy
Media literacy is understanding that all media has a message and those messages have an impact in our lives.
worldview Worldview
Having a Biblical worldview is critical to discerning right from wrong and for building convictions about media choices.
heartmatters Heart Matters
We have been desensitized and need to be re-sensitized through a change of heart and the renewing of our minds.
sign-19 The Counterfeit Life
Beware of the counterfeit life. Media often protrays deceptive messages about what it means to live life to the fullest.
battlefield The Battlefield
The battle is not against Hollywood. The Bible teaches us about spiritual warfare and we cannot afford to be ignorant of the weapons and tactics of the enemy.
sign-20 Garbage in Equals Garbage Out
The Bible says that you will reap what you sow. Media has become a fuel that drives the engine of our culture.
unplugging Power in Unplugging
Taking a break from media allows our lives to clear from the pollution we’ve carelessly allowded to cloud our hearts.
cleanhouse Clean House
Many homes have carelessly allowed spiritual and moral toxins to poison their families through media. It’s time to clean house.
youturn Making a “You Turn” and other Action Steps
One of the main themes of Jesus’ teaching ministry was repentance. It’s time to make a u-turn. There are many other steps that we can take to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus as we learn to make wise media choices.


Sample Slides Used in
Media Talk 101 Presentation

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“Thanks so much for coming to BBS and sharing your ministry with our students. As for the presentation, it exuded both spiritual depth and total professionalism. This was a biblically-saturated, cutting-edge challenge that greatly impacted students and faculty.”Erik Wiedman
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