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Here is a list of seminar topics for Christian speakers CJ and Shelley Hitz, including Media discernment, sexual purity, abstinence, true beauty, forgiveness formula and much more!


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Presentation Topics for CJ Hitz

#1:  Media Talk 101 – CJ has partnered with Phillip Telfer to offer the Media Talk 101 seminar. Click here for more information.

Media Talk 101


#2:  The Forgiveness Formula – Based on CJ and Shelley’s Book titled, “The Mathematics of Jesus,” this seminar series is packed with powerful life lessons, applicable to anyone, any age. Click here for more information

Math of Jesus


3:  Wake Up Guys! – This talk challenges guys of all ages to go against the current of popular culture in the area of sex. It’s time to stand for purity in an age of compromise.


#4:  Teen Abstinence – Are you looking for teen abstinence speakers that approach the topic from a fresh viewpoint? Find out if C.J. and Shelley Hitz are the right fit for your event. Read more about their seminars Media Talk 101 and Find Your True Beauty for your abstinence only program.  Click here for more information


#5:  Peace Be Still! – This talk challenges Christians to go into territory they may not be familiar with in their walk with Jesus.  CJ uses two stories from Mark 4:35-5:20 where Jesus decides to show the disciples another aspect of his ministry.  Jesus calls his followers to weather ‘storms’ that are sure to come our way while assuring us that as long as Jesus is in our ‘boat’, we have nothing to worry about.  This talk is sure to give you a fresh perspective on this passage of scripture.


#6:  Design Your Own Experience – Perhaps you have something special in mind.  CJ and Shelley have what it takes to pull off your event and work side by side with you to make this event a perfect fit for your group.  Contact us and we’ll work hard to hit your target.


Presentation Topics for Shelley Hitz

#1:  Find Your True Beauty – Did you know that 24% of women would sacrifice 3 years of their life to be thin, that girls as young as five have expressed fears of getting fat and 90% of high school junior and senior girls diet regularly even though only between 10-15% are considered overweight.Does this surprise you? Do you wonder why this is happening? I believe one of the biggest influences on girls today regarding beauty is the media. Using powerful videos and PowerPoint slides, Shelley Hitz will help expose the lies girls believe about their beauty and the steps to become free…helping you find your true beauty! Get more information hereTrue Beauty


#2:  Shopping, Fashion, Modesty
In our culture today, anything goes when it comes to fashion. The world’s philosophy is “if you got it, flaunt it.” However, Shelley shares a powerful message for girls challenging them to honor God with the clothes they wear. She approaches a difficult topic with grace and real solutions. Meet the “Accidental Immodesty” girls and be prepared to be challenged to honor God with your fashion choices.This presentation can be adapted for younger girls (4th and 5th grade) as well as teenagers and women. Plan on having a fashion show event the week after Shelley’s talk if appropriate for your setting. Have each participant choose one outfit from their closet to model that is honoring to God, applying the modesty tips and guidelines they learned in the presentation. Click here for more information


#3:  The Rollercoaster Ride of Sex Outside of Marriage – Are you looking for teen abstinence speakers that approach the topic of sexual purity from a fresh viewpoint? Shelley uses her personal testimony, powerful illustrations and scriptures to share a fresh and powerful talk on sexual purity. Find out if C.J. and Shelley Hitz are the right fit for your event. Click here for more information

#4:  Technology Traps: Sexting and Social Media – Christians simply can not ignore the topic of technology, especially how it relates to teens and the choices they make every day. Shelley shares on the topics of sexting and social media with interactive illustrations, powerful statistics, stories and video. Not only does she share the dangers of sexting and social media but also shares practical application steps to stay safe with technology.


#5:  Power of Forgiveness – Anyone and everyone can relate to this seminar. Shelley shares the powerful story of her Grandma’s death and the path Jesus took her down to forgive her Grandma’s murderer. Prepare to be challenged and changed through this seminar. Click here for more information or watch Shelley share this presentation here.


      Shelley’s presentation includes the powerful imagery of the “Forgiveness Cross” as pictured below.

See samples of the slides by clicking the graphic below:


#6:  When Bad Things Happen – Shelley shares from her personal experience, research and scripture in a way that will challenge you and help you grow. She delves into this topic of “When Bad Things Happen” by sharing what God taught her through a really dark time in her life and the steps to healing she took. This presentation can be given as one session in the Mathematics of Jesus seminar series for any audience. Click here to find out more about CJ and Shelley’s seminar series: Forgiveness Formula or watch Shelley share this presentation here.

Math of Jesus

#7:  Pornography and Christian Women. – 
Christian women and porn are two concepts that don’t seem to go together, right?  However, I know what it feels like to be caught in the trap of pornography as a Christian woman.   Yes, I have struggled with pornography.   It is not something that I am proud of, and to be honest, it is something that I wish never happened, but God is using this dark season from my past for His good.  Find out more about Shelley’s book on this topic here:


#8:  Lespwa fe Viv, From Hope: Life. – God opened the door for Shelley to volunteer as a Physical Therapist in Port au Prince Haiti just one month after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake. She shares several stories of hope, stories from the patients she worked with at Heartline field hospital. She also relates this talk to each one of us personally. Although we may never personally experience a physical earthquake, we may experience what feels like an emotional or spirital earthquake. And she shares from personal experience what God has taught her the last several years as she’s lived through a time in her life that felt like an “earthquake.” Educational, inspirational and impactful.



#9:  Empty or Full? – So many times we feel that aching loneliness deep inside. We ask questions like, “Is there more?” “Is this all there is?” Shelley shares from personal experience how to find true satisfaction, healing and freedom in Christ.


#10:  Healing the Broken Hearted – Many things in life can leave you feeling broken hearted. Divorce. Death. Difficult Break Up. Abuse. Shelley shares her story of sexual abuse and leads others to the One who can truly bring healing…Jesus.


# 11:  Walking Together with God – Jesus said his sheep hear his voice. Can you hear God’s voice? Are you walking alone or do you have the empowerment of a Father that loves you? Shelley shares some practical steps as well as the heart touching story of Team Hoyt, to encourage you to a deeper surrender, trust and dependence on God.


#12:  Taking off Your Masks to Recover Your True Identity – Who am I? This is a common and universal question that most people ask at some point in their lives. Learn to take off your masks and find your true identity in Christ.


#13:  The Gratitude Challenge:  Finding Freedom from Self-Pity and a Negative Attitude – During a season of transition in my life, I found myself overwhelmed with negative emotions like self-pity and a complaining spirit. It was as if a dark cloud had descended over me. I prayed and asked God for wisdom on how to overcome these negative emotions. And I sensed Him leading me to do this 21 days of gratitude challenge.  Over the course of the 21 days, God began to change me as I spent intentional time being grateful for all I have been given. I did this through writing in my journal each day and also sending a hand-written thank you note to someone different each day.  And now I am sharing what I learned with you.  Based on this book.


#14:  Or Design Your Own! – Do you have a topic you’d like to have CJ and Shelley present? Contact us and we will custom design seminars for you.


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